The law specifically states:

“No debt collector shall collect or attempt to collect a consumer debt by means of the following practices: ….(c) Initiating communications, other than statements of account, with the debtor with regard to the consumer debt, when the debt collector has been previously notified in writing by the debtor’s attorney that the debtor is represented by such attorney with respect to the consumer debt and such notice includes the attorney’s name and address and a request by such attorney that all communications regarding the consumer debt be addressed to such attorney, unless the attorney fails to answer correspondence, return telephone calls, or discuss the obligation in question.”

Once creditors are informed you have retained an attorney they must stop any and all attempts to contact you, allowing you to regain piece of mind.  If creditors do not stop attempts to contact or harass you, they may be liable for violating federal laws. Hiring a competent attorney will allow you to finally avoid creditor harassment and regain control of your life.