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I want to thank the entire Olympus Law Corporation staff for being helpful, supportive, and honest with me during my process. Everyone at Olympus Law corporation is friendly, professional, and they treat everyone with respect. I recommend Olympus Law Corporation to anyone who is having hardship with finance. Once again, thank you Olympus Law Corporation!
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Excellent! Very good staff. Kind, friendly, trustworthy, and very cordial to their clients! They make you feel confident and safe. For me, the experience has been very good.
Jose and Alejandra Cortez
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I thank you for the support, trust, and great help you gave me in this process. Excellent service and compassion from everyone. Thank you infinitely.
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My experience was very good in all aspects. I am very grateful to the entire team, especially Attorney George. Thank you.
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Our experience was of excellent treatment and a great help for our case by the entire team of Olympus law Corporation. I highly recommend them. They work super well for their clients.
Jose and Cecilia Gomez
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Bankruptcy in California

California’s economy is the largest in the United States at roughly $3.1 trillion. If California were its own nation, it would become the world’s fifth-largest economy. The cost of living here is also very high, with the median home in California costing more than $550,000. Considering this, it is incredibly easy to fall into massive amounts of debt as a citizen of this state.

Where to File in California:

Bankruptcy is handled by federal courts, but there are four bankruptcy courts in California. These courts serve the Eastern District with locations in Sacramento, Fresno, Modesto, and Bakersfield, the Northern District with locations in Oakland, San Jose, Santa Rosa, and San Francisco, the Central District with locations in Los Angeles, Riverside, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara, and the San Fernando Valley, and the Southern District with locations in San Diego. In order to find the specific forms and requirements for each court, visit the court’s website.

When Is Bankruptcy Your Best Option?

  • You are drowning in mountains of debt. If you are struggling to pay down debt you may have on a credit card, a loan, or through medical bills, then bankruptcy maybe your best option. We consider it “drowning” when you are unable to make minimum payments, or when the majority of your income that you need for essential things like food and shelter are going towards your debt.
  • You are facing foreclosure. A foreclosure is when a bank or loaner forces the sale of your asset (most commonly, your home) in order to pay off your remaining debt. If you are at risk of the bank foreclosing on your home, bankruptcy can be a good option that allows you to keep your place of residence.
  • You are being sued or harassed by creditors. If you are unable to pay your debts and creditors will not leave you alone, then you can stop the cycle of abuse by filing for bankruptcy.
  • You find it hard to pay your monthly bills. If you are simply struggling to make ends meet month to month, bankruptcy may be an option that gets you back on your feet.
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