Our firm is made up of compassionate attorneys who understand that bankruptcy can be a frightening process.  Our firm offers years of experience and can help counsel, guide and support our clients in all aspects of the bankruptcy process.  Our attorneys have counseled many satisfied clients who have gone through the bankruptcy process, received their discharge and gone on with their lives worry free.

We know that the current recession has caused financial and emotional strain on people throughout the country struggling to pay their bills or even keep their homes. We are committed to helping our clients successfully discharge their debt, keep their assets and get back on track.  We offer professional, friendly staff whose goal is to guide clients through difficult and unforeseen circumstances.  A 30 minute consultation with one of our experienced attorneys can be a decision that changes your life. Bankruptcy can help you:

  • Eliminate Credit Card Debt, Personal Loans & Cash Advances
  • Remove 2nd and 3rd Mortgages From Your Home
  • STOP Foreclosure
  • END Wage Garnishments
  • STOP Lawsuits
  • Rebuild Your Credit Quickly

If you are struggling with mountains of debt, facing foreclosure, being sued or harassed by creditors or just finding it hard to pay monthly bills then bankruptcy may be your solution.  While many people are afraid of the stigma attached to bankruptcy the truth is a competent attorney can help quickly guide you through the process, help you keep all your belongings, and rid you of all your debt and worries for good.

Contrary to a lot of misinformation circulated regarding new bankruptcy rules, bankruptcy relief is still available. In 2005 Congress passed the BAPCPA, which added certain requirements, including a complicated means test analysis. While these additions did make the process more complex and enhanced the need for a good attorney, the truth is many people file bankruptcy daily and eliminate their debt.